Storage Notes of EVA Film for Laminated Glass

Storage Notes of EVA Film for Laminated Glass

by peter shin

If you have imported some EVA interlayer film before, you would know that every EVA Interlayer film manufacturers will give some attentions of storage of EVA interlayer film.

Today we are going to talk about this topic in more detail.

1.Heavy burden shall not be laid on the EVA interlayer film and the EVA interlayer films shall not be piled up more than three-layer.

2.The EVA interlayer films should be used up in time after the packaging is opened; if not, please re-pack. And the storage period should not exceed 12 months( Different EVA interlayer film manufacturers has different shelf life of EVA interlayer film.).

3. Please fully confirm the corrosive and permeability of the edge sealing reagent and glass glue before laminating EVA interlayer film , for those may lead to EVA interlayer films breaking away from glasses!

4. Avoid sunlights and thermal radiations. And the temperature of storage environment should be under 45 degree.

5.Don’t store or transport EVA interlayer film with combustible or explosive materials.

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