But, please check with the EVA FILM Manufacturer before you are going to use the Acid Glass Sealant.

Installation Notes of Laminated Glass With EVA Film
Glass Sealant for Laminated Glass with EVA FILM

1. There are three kinds of glass sealant. They are: Acid, Alkaline,
and Neutral.
For laminated glass with EVA FILM, it’s better to use the Neutral Glass Sealant.
And also only the laminated glasses with the outdoor super-clear EVA
FILM can be sealed by the Glass Sealant.
But some EVA FILM Manufacturer has produced the Outdoor EVA Film can
be used with Acid Glass Sealant. But, please check with the EVA FILM
Manufacturer before you are going to use the Acid Glass Sealant.
Note: The Acid Glass Sealant is better in adhesion than Neutral Glass Sealant.

2. The manufacturers for the glass sealant:
1) Dow Corning is a great brand for the silicon glass sealant. Lean more.
2) There are some manufacturers in China producing the glass sealant.
Their products are great too. Learn more.
3. Like the EVA FILM which has many colors, the glass sealant also has
many colors to match the glasses.

How to Recycle the Unsuccessful Laminated Glass with EVA FILM
1. For the laminated glass with outdoor safety architectural super
transparent EVA FILM, there are some bubbles inside the laminated
glass. You can put the laminated glass into the autoclave to squeeze
the bubbles out. But remember that there is no guarantee for
successful all the time. But at least, you can try.

2. If you want to break away the EVA FILM from the glass which is
already laminated but not successful.
How to degum the EVA FILM? You can use the Acetone and banana oil to
degum the EVA FILM.
But let us reminds you that take a small test by yourself first.

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