Heating Procedures of Laminating Glass with EVA Film

Heating Procedures of Laminating Glass with EVA Film

By Peter Shin

Last post we talked about Preparation for Glass Lamination with EVA Film.

And this post we are going to talk about Heating Procedures of Laminating Glass with EVA Film.

1.Before the silicon bag shelf being pushed into the oven, start the vacuum pump to vacuuming for 3-5five mins. Check whether the silicon bag is leaking or not. And the vacuum value should at least be 0.095Mpa.

2.Push the silicon bag shelf into the oven, then set the parameters of temperature and time. Following two period heating temperature. The low temperature period is 55degress and 15mins. And the high temperature period is 110 degree and 50 mins (notes;following the instructions that the EVA FILM MANUFACTURERS give you). Because it takes time for the heat transfer through the silicon bag, so the temperature the detector gets may be different from the real temperature of the laminated glass.

3.Stop heating. Wait till the temperature is lower than 75 degrees, then open the oven door and pull out the silicon shelf to help cooling. But don’t open the silicon bag or let cold water tough the laminated glass.

After the temperature is lower than 50 degree, now you can open the silicon bag and check the laminated glass.

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