Preparation for Glass Lamination with EVA Film

Preparation for Glass Lamination with EVA Film

By Peter Shin

Today we are going to talk about the Glass Laminating Instructions of EVA Film. This topic will be composed into two posts. This post is about the preparation for glass lamination with EVA Film.

Preparation for Lamination:

1.Cut the glass as the size you want, and use  Glass Edging Machines to shape the edges of the glasses, which will avoid the glasses hurt the silicon bag.

2.Use the purified water, deionized water, industrial alcohol, Ethanol to clean the glasses, then use the clean hot wind to dry the glasses. Make sure no black spot, water mark, finger print etc on the glasses.


Put the EVA FILM on the bottom glass, make sure the EVA Film is plain, then put the other glass on the EVA Film, then use the high-temperature-resistance tape to seal the pre-laminated glass.

Cut the extra EVA FILM that outside the pre-laminated glass. Don’t pull the EVA Film hard to avoid the remove of the EVA Film. Which can void the extra EVA Film melting and sealing the edges of the laminating glass and stop the vacuuming.

When you put the pre-laminated glass in the silicon bag, make sure that each pre-laminated glass is 3-5cm away from each other to help vacuuming.

To help vacuuming, you can also put the wooden bar around the silicon bag to help vacuuming.

Notes: if you seal the pre-laminated glass totally with tape, you need to make some small holes on the tapes to help vacuuming.

Next post we are going to talk about the heating instructions.

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