How-to DIY Portrait Laminated Glass

How-to DIY Portrait Laminated Glass

Step 1 What we are going to make?
Enhanced portrait glass

Step 2 Get the photos of yourself

If you want to print the photos of yourself, you need PP papers and
the print machine. But you can also are some printing company to make
it for you. But remember that it’s better if the paper is PP or PVC.

Step 3 Pre-laminated the Portrait Glass

The combination is : Glass+EVA Film+Photo+EVA Film+Glass.
Remember wait till the photo’s ink is dry.
And the EVA Film here is a hot-adhesive film.
Cut the extra EVA Film and the photo outside the glasses smoothly.
Use high-temperature resistance tape to solid the pre-laminated glass.

Step 4 Put the pre-laminated glass inside silicone vacuum bag

Put the pre-laminated glass inside silicone vacuum bag
Seal the silicone vacuum bag.
Start vacuum pump, double check the vacuuming is working well, and the
value of vacuum pump reaches the requirement.
Step 5 Heating in two temperature stages

Normally, the heating will be set in two stage:
Low temperature stage: 60 degrees C for 15 minutes
High temperature stage:120 degrees C for 40 minutes

Step 6 Stop heating and wait for the laminated glass to cool down

Don’t stop vacuuming until the laminated glass is cool to the room
temperature, Or the bubbles will come out inside the laminated glass.
Then you can get your portrait enhanced glass of yourself out of the
silicone bag.

Prepare all the materials you need before take actions:
PP/PVB papers
Laminating Oven
Silicone vacuum bag
Cleaned Glasses
Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film
High-temperature resistance tapes
And other accessories.
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